Loss of the important data is a nightmare for everyone. Imagine if your Blackberry devices was stolen by someone and you have important data stored on it. Do not panic! With the BlackBerry Protect,  stolen BlackBerry can be tracked down.

Research in Motion (RIM) as the manufacturer of BlackBerry provides an alternative to trackdown the location of stolen BlackBerry devices using an application named BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry Protect is a free application developed by Research in Motion. Its offers many security features such as backup, lock devices, trackdown stolen BlackBerry phones, wipe phone and shipping notifications.

trackdown blackberry

You can download BlackBerry Protect from this link. Or directly download and install to your BlackBerry phones by visiting this URL :


To manage or trackdown stolen Blackberry with BlackBerry Protect installed, you can log in to this link:


Go to ” Find Device” option, then “View Current Location”. You will able to track the current location of your stolen BlackBerry using provided map.

Well, if you want to add additional security features on your BlackBerry devices, you should install BlackBerry Protect now.

Some visitor asking me to trackdown their stolen BlackBerry devices. No.. no.. I can not do such thing for you. Please read usefull links below to get more information and knowledge about Blackberry Protect features and BlackBerry Protect how-to guides.

Official how-to and user guide :

ps. You need PDF reader to read BlackBerry Protect user guide and security notes.

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