How to Create and Embed Chatwing on Your Site

Spam is one of the things any site owner should be mindful of when managing his or her site. That’s why most bloggers don’t like the idea of putting a chatroom on their sites – because it’s one of the easiest way to letting spam in. However, this is not the case with Chatwing chat software. The chatting tool is capable enough to fend itself […]

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Improve Your Blog Speed With

As the revolutions of internet connectivity and high demand for rich media content making a fast access and web content delivery a top priority and necessary thing to consider. Everyone is expecting faster access to web when they surf the web. So, thats why you need to use a CDN service when you running a high traffic/high visitors website or blog.

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Google’s Project Glass

Project Glass is an another awesome project by Google.  It was researched and developed by Google to implement an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). In short, it just like an glasses, but able act like a smartphone – or even more – but controlled by user voices. Incoming keywordscara mematikan telkom content filtering

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Restricts and Limiting Video Streaming with Mikrotik

If you have a proxy server, you can restrict video streaming access using access control list or using contents filtering program such as squidGuard, DansGuardian, etc. But there are many websites with embedded video that has not been filtered yet. Mikrotik can help you overcome this problem and restrict access to embedded streaming video with ease.

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External Proxy Server for Mikrotik

Mikrotik routerboard has a built-in proxy in it, but it has main constraint : very limited storage capacity. Therefore, most network administrators whom using mikrotik will use an external proxy to overcome this constraint. Here you can found an easy ways to implementing external proxy server for Mikrotik. Incoming keywordsmikrotik squid tproxy, socks5 прокси 50, 59DZ

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Introducing IPFire Indonesia

IPFire is a Linux distribution that is intended to used as firewall. Its not only small, but also highly configurable and easy to use – even for a Linux novice. Few weeks a go I started running a blog that is part of the IPFire users community based in Indonesia called IPFire Indonesia.

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DNSChanger Malware Will Shutdown Internet Access

These warning was presented by the Australian authorities. Despite these warnings given to 10,000 users in Australia, but there is the possibility of users around the world will be affected (especially for victims who did not feel his computer is infected). The cause of the internet access termination wasn’t came from solar storms, but due to a malware named DNSCharger. Incoming keywordsunblock telkom filtering, dns […]

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