The Aurora World Indonesia

The Aurora World Indonesia – The Aurora World adalah online game MMORPG 3D yang dikembangkan oleh developer game kenamaan, Aurora Interactive dan GBE Dreams. The Aurora World sendiri sudah cukup di kenal luas di dunia, dan seiring dengan perkembangannya, The Aurora World di tahun ini akhirnya juga ikut “mendarat” di Indonesia dan sudah dapat di nikmati oleh gamers tanah air, tepatnya pada Maret 2015.

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The Chatting Tools of Today – Skype – Chatwing – Facebook

Calling on the phone instead of going to their house is something most of us do today when we want to relay a message to our friends or colleagues. Simply speaking, these phones made our lives much easier and comfortable. However, there‚Äôs another method of communicating with people and a much more affordable one at that. And this method is what we now commonly refer […]

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Google Policy Violating European Law?

Google change their privacy policies to integrate all user profile from dozens of Google services, into a single user profile. But this policy has been criticized by European Union.

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